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At A. Prodromou & Co we provide a wide range of services to help you on a daily base to meet your responsibilities and targets.

Corporate Tax Planning

“In this world nothing is certain, only tax and death” Benjamin Franklin
We can’t help you the second, but we can do our best to relieve you of the first! We provide tailored taxation advice to individuals, businesses, companies, investors and trustees on a worldwide basis.  We recognize how important tax planning is to achieve your business and personal objectives. We can assist you in reducing both your tax costs and the time you must commit to your tax compliance and reporting obligations.  We use our experience and expertise to identify a tax-efficient way to achieve your business goals.  We can help you reduce your compliance burden by advising you on how to fulfill all your obligations on a timely basis, and by claiming all tax reliefs to which your business is entitled.

Corporate Tax Consultancy

We offer integrated tax consulting and strategic advice to help you enjoy and maximise your assets and minimise your taxes. We can help you avoid tax missteps and proactively reduce your tax liability.

We can help you:
  • Set up in business 
  • Reduce your tax costs 
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on tax compliance freeing up time for you to focus on your business 
  • Expand overseas 
  • Raise funds 
  • Realise the maximum potential from your existing business 
  • Buy or sell a business 
  • Make an investment

Corporate Tax Compliance & Reporting

Keeping up with ever-changing tax legislation and meeting your tax obligations can be a time consuming drain on a business. Our corporate tax specialists will:

  • Relieve you of the task of dealing with Revenue and Customs; 
  • Help with your tax planning;
  • Seek to minimise your corporate tax obligation;
  • Keep you up to date with the latest legislation;
  • Help to ensure you are compliant;
  • Make sure you claim everything you are entitled to.

International Tax Planning

Whether you have an established business or are planning to establish one, we provide tax-effective solutions through expert analysis of the various tax and legal matters that must be taken under consideration. We take full advantage of the Double Tax Treaties, EU and other relevant legislation.

Corporate / fiduciary services

Through our rich and long standing experience in the service sector as well as by utilising our professional associations worldwide, we offer you the following services:

  • Registration of a company
  • “Shelf” companies
  • Directorships
  • Trustee Shareholders
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered office
  • Statutory books and records
  • Organisation of annual general meetings
  • Minutes of Board of Directors’ meetings
  • Translation, notarisation and filing of documents
  • Other secretarial services

Financial Services

Our planning and consulting services are tailored to your goals and your objectives. Our goal is to make your vision reality.

We offer our expertise and experience to help you
  • Identify your financial goals
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Review your insurance needs
  • Build education funds
  • Minimize income tax liability
  • Maximize retirement savings
  • Plan for a smooth business succession
  • Develop an estate plan
  • Monitor your investment performance
  • Create a customized investment strategy
  • Plan for elder care and other special needs


With over 35 years experience in accounting and auditing, A.Prodromou & Co. can help both you and your team by taking care of all the elements of your bookkeeping and accounting needs. We listen to your needs and gain a full understanding of your business. Then, we structure the components of each of the services you need in an integrated and transparent way. Every business needs to prepare accounts, whether weekly, four weekly, monthly or annually to suit their own periodic information needs. If you're a company, we need to make sure that your annual accounts comply both with the Companies Acts and with current accounting standards.

Our integrated bookkeeping and accounting services include:
  • Conducting your Bookkeeping
  • Preparing your Annual Accounts
  • Maintaining your VAT records
  • Preparing your Management Accounts
  • Taking on short-term projects to relieve your team of administrative overload.


Although audit of a company is a statutory requirmenet in most counntries, it also adds valu to the company`s Fianncial Statements we at a prodromou aim to provide a robust high quality audit to our clients. Every Cyprus based company has a statutory obligation to prepare and submit to the Income Tax office and to the registrar of companies its annual audited accounts. The audit of FS is prepared in accordance with International Standards of Auditng ISA`S and Internation Financial Reporting Standards IFRS`S. our experienced audit team will provide you with the above service ensuring that all your statutory audit obligations are met on time and most importantly complete

Other services

  • company formation
  • payroll services
  • social insurance services
  • management accounts
  • bank account opening
  • trustee services
  • corporate & secretarial services
  • legal services

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